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  • Live Online Sessions
  • No Pre-recorded Video/Audio Lectures
  • Highly Experienced Trainer
  • On-the-spot Doubt Solving
  • Reliable Study Material & Mock Tests
  • Group Coaching & Exclusive Individual Training Available
  • Flexible Timings

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GRE Live Online Prep Course

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Goregaon West - New Link Road - Bangur Nagar - Near Bangur Nagar Metro Station
  • Regular Course – 3 to 4 month
  • Intensive Crash Course-2 months
  • Weekends and Weekdays Batches Available
  • Regular Course – twice a week, two hours each session
  • Intensive Crash Course – four times a week, two hours each session
  • Timings – Flexible
Batch Size Two to Four Students Only
Study Material High Scoring and authentic Study Material is shared with the Students, which includes Full Mock Tests and Official Guides
Highest Score in GRE 335/ 340

Format of The New GRE

The New GRE is divided into three sections:
  Time Limit Question
1. Analytical Writing 30 Minutes One "Analysis of an Issue"
2. Quantitative Reasoning
Section 1: 21 Minutes
Section 2: 26 Minutes
Section 1: 12 Questions
Section 2: 15 Questions
3. Verbal Reasoning
Section 1: 18 Minutes
Section 2: 23 Minutes
Section 1: 12 Questions
Section 2: 15 Questions
Test Duration:  1 Hour and 58 Minutes, No Break

Scoring : Total GRE Score Will Range From 260 to 340

  • Verbal Reasoning: scores will be reported on a scale of 130-170 in 1-point increments.
  • Quantitative Reasoning scores will be reported on a scale of 130 - 170 in 1-point increments.
  • Analytical Writing scores will be reported on the 0-6 score level, in half-point increments.

Official Score Report: 8 to 10 Days

Our Students' Testimonials

Sangram More

GRE Score: 335
"Before joining Global Course, I had got 295 in GRE. My friends told me that it was a decent score. Howeve, I want more. I knew that I score even 170 in Quant and needed to boost my score. Amar singh started giving me special attention as he knew that I was willing to work harder and wanted a better score at any cost. I studied maths and English under Amar Sir. I learned tips and techniques given by the sir. And I was able to get 168 in Quant and 167 in Verbal in my third attempt.
I am grateful to Amar sir for his continuous support. I could call him any time and meet to discuss my dooubts, which does not happen with other classes. Thank you Global Course!"

Ayush Chaudhary

GRE Score: 335
"I scored 335 in GRE in my second attempt. Amar sir was very cooperative. After my first attempt, I told him that I needed 335 anyhow. I got all the support from Global Course. Thank you Amar sir!"

Avishek Mishra

GRE Score: 322
"Amar sir is highly experienced. Test sessions were very helpful. I was able to clear ALL my doubts as the batch size is only four. Sir worked with me on all the asspects in GRE. Verbal and Quant both were my weakness. I had to work hard, but the concepts and techniques of Amar sir are excellent."

Swapnil Kajale

GRE Score: 319
"I would like to start by thanking Amar sir for the efforts he took for my improvement. I had joined Global Course for GRE & TOEFL exams and the study material provided by sir were extremely useful. Because of all this great coaching and motivation provided by Amar sir, I was able to get a very good score in GRE. I would like to thank sir because of whom I was able to achieve great scores."

Girish Ayare

GRE Score: 317
"Amar sir is very good. He has a deep knowledge about GRE, which he combines with effective tips and techniques. He did not do the things. He made ME do all so that I learned more. I could achieve a good score because Amar Sir forced me to do so."

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Some Recent Scores:

Riya Jain 326 Sana Shaikh 325
Hemant Desai 324 Prerna Pandey 323
Arwa Khan 322 Archana Nayar 320
Ranjan Yadav 319 Dhruv Sheth 316
Yash Patel 316 Sanjay Chopra 314
Aisharya Naik 312 Priyal Rao 312

Key Features of Our GRE Prep Course

  • Only Four Students Per Batch
  • 24x7 support
  • Unlimited one-to one Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Exhaustive Study Material Including GRE Official Guides
  • High Scoring Tips & Techniques
  • Difficult Questions in Verbal & Quant
  • Clear Concepts
  • Individual Attention
  • Highly Experienced Trainers
  • 20+ Full length tests

Quant Module...In-depth Concept Building

All maths topics such as Permutations & Combinations (Combinatorics), Probability, Plain Geometry, Solid Geometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, Number System, Word Problems, Functions, etc. are discussed at length. We discuss short cuts and time saving techniques for Quantitative Comparison & Problem Solving questions. We discuss and implement some short cut methods to do hard GRE quant questions including in GRE Official Guides.

Verbal Module-Concepts & Techniques

  • RC-Reading Comprehension

Techniques to answer different types of question are discussed and difficult questions are answered using time saving techniques. We conduct a workshop for RC in which we discuss an in-depth strategy for GRE RC passages including GRE Official Guides. Finally, we do difficult GRE RC passages followed by Official Guides.

  • TC-Text Completion

We discuss 5000 hot words for GRE keeping in mind their uses. Different shades of the meanings of the words are discussed. We have developed some techniques to tackle TC questions which we use to answer difficult questions in GRE including GRE Official Guides.

  • SE-Sentence Equivalence

Even for Sentence Equivalence questions, we need to understand the secondary and tertiary meanings of the words. There are some techniques which we implement while doing tough Sentence Equivalence questions including GRE Official Guides.

  • AWA-Analysis of an Argument

We discuss a very high scoring template and practice some Argument Questions. The number of paragraphs and linking words within and across the paragraphs are very important to tackle GRE Analytical Writing section. We discuss all and implement them to get a good score for you.

Books Used For GRE

  • OG-Official Guide-GRE Review
  • OG-Official Guide-Quant Review
  • OG-Official Guide-Verbal Review
  • Nova GRE Prep Course
  • 5LB Book of GRE Practice Problems by Manhattan
  • The Princwton's Review 1014 Practice Questions
  • Kaplan's GRE Prep Book
  • Barron's GRE Book
  • Barron's Six GRE Tests Etc...

Why Global Course?

It is our responsibility to make our students score beyond their limits. We do so by pushing the students' limits. We monitor the students' progress throughout the training period. We give them periodical tests to check their progress. We analyse the students' weak areas and work on those areas. The Trainers and the counsellors always remain with our students i.e. in the classes, on skype, e-mail, phone, etc. The students can discuss their doubts on our blog also. So, the whole team of Global Course is working for our precious students...

The Trainers' Profile

Trainer: Amar Singh snap The training is provided by a very dedicated team of trainers headed by Mr. Amar Singh who hold his forte in GRE Training. He has a long experience of training of almost 20 years now and has an excellent track record. Training. Our students have scored up to 335 in GRE.

  All About GRE-Graduate Management Admission Test
  • Validity of GRE Score: Five Years
  • Test Fee of GRE: US$ 205
  • Reschedule up to Four Days Before the Test: US$ 50
  • Cancellation up to Four days Before the Test: Half of the Test Fee
  • Where to Register:

Scoring : Total GRE Score Will Range From 260 to 340

  • Verbal Reasoning: scores will be reported on a scale of 130-170 in 1-point increments.
  • Quantitative Reasoning scores will be reported on a scale of 130 - 170 in 1-point increments.
  • Analytical Writing scores will be reported on the 0-6 score level, in half-point increments.

Official Score Report: 8 to 10 Days

More About Our GRE Live Online Course

At Global Course, we also give live online caching of GRE i.e. Graduate Record Examination, which is conducted by ETS viz Educational Testing Service. Our live online classes of GRE, which a computer based adaptive test, are held at Malad West, Mumbai India. The online classes are held live in small batches of only four students, thus, ensuring individual attention. Initially, we work on concept building. Gradually, our students do timed exercises of higher difficulty levels. Towards the end of the course, we give our invaluable students minimum ten timed mock tests in real GRE conditions. These tests are evaluated, reviewed and doubts are cleared, ensuring maximum possible scores from our students. So far, our students have been able to secure up to 335 in GRE.

Our online live GRE classes are scheduled in the evenings normally to suit the needs of the college goers and working professionals as well. Flexibility in terms timings is another distinct feature at Global Course. We conduct live online GRE classes at a normal pace, which takes 3 to 4 months of coaching. Additionally, we organize intensive online crash courses also, completing the whole course within two months. We use extensive and authentic study materials for our live online GRE classes, which includes Official Guides released by ETS.

Our students all over the world find our online GRE coaching extremely useful as GRE is required globally by thousands of universities and colleges for their different post graduate programs. Thus, ETS conducts GRE over 1000 designated test centers across more than 160 countries. More than half a million test takers take GRE every year. Hence, looking at the importance of our online GRE coaching, our expert mentors are working really diligently to cater to the needs of the GRE test takers globally.

GRE i.e. Graduate Record Examination is a world renowned examination required to be taken by the candidates desirous of taking admission to more than 12,000 masters programs offered by more than 9,000 universities and institutions throughout the world. GRE is conducted by ETS-Education Testing Services. The test can be taken up to five times a year and each attempt can be minimum 21 days apart.

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* Highly Experienced Trainer
* Individual Attention
* Exhaustive Study Materials
* Mock Tests

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