IBDP Chemistry SL Offline Exclusive & Online Live Exclusive

Location Google Meet – Anywhere in the world and Offline Exclusive in Mumbai only
  • Regular Course-40 Weeks per year
  • Intensive Crash Course-40 sessions in the given time
  • Weekends and Weekdays Schedule Available
  • Normal Course – once a week, 90 minutes each session
  • Intensive Crash Course – three to four times a week, 90 minute each session
  • Timings – Flexible
Batch Size Exclusive One – to – One Coaching
Study Material High Scoring and authentic Study Material is shared with the Students, which includes Full Mock Tests

Global Course has been providing IBDP Chemistry Standard Level Coaching for more than 22 years with an excellent track record. Now we are focusing on Online Live Coaching for IBDP Chemistry SL. For Chemistry SL of IBDP, we provide 40 sessions of 90 minutes for each of IBDP I and IBDP II. Our Online Live Classes of IBDP Chemistry SL are held at Malad West, Mumbai, India. We, at Global Course, take only four students in a batch, which is joined by our IBDP students across the globe. By taking only four students in a batch, we ensure individual attention. However, we also provide individual coaching if required by making exclusive regular schedule or exclusive intensive schedule as the need be. Our highly skilled and highly qualified mentors have vast experience of teaching Chemistry to IBDP students. Scores of our students go abroad for further studies in Chemistry-related streams. We are trying to do better in future.

Syllabus outline


  1. Stoichiometric Relationships
  2. Atomic Structure
  3. Periodicity
  4. Chemical Bonding and Structure
  5. Energetics/ Thermochemistry
  6. Chemical Kinetics
  7. Equilibrium
  8. Acids and Bases
  9. Redox Processes
  10. Organic Chemistry
  11. Measurement and Data Processing
  12. Additional Higher Level (AHL)

  13. Atomic structure
  14. The Periodic Table - The Transition Metals
  15. Chemical Bonding and Structure
  16. Energetics/ Thermochemistry
  17. Chemical Kinetics
  18. Equilibrium
  19. Acids and Bases
  20. Redox Processes
  21. Organic Chemistry
  22. Measurement and Analysis


    A. Materials
    B. Biochemistry
    C. Energy
    D. Medicinal chemistry

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Our Features

* Classroom and Online Training
* Flexible Timings
* Max. Four Students Per Batch
* Crash Course Available
* Excellent Track Record
* Highly Experienced Trainer
* Individual Attention
* Exhaustive Study Materials
* Mock Tests

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