If you are planning to take SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc. the first and the most important thing you should do is to brush up your grammar. Grammar is the back-bone of any language. So if you want to score high in ' Verbal Section' also, invest some time in getting your grammar right. I know you will say that you have studied enough of it in your school days. But what you have studied in your school days, you might have forgotten. And if you have not forgotten it, you might have started to use it wrongly. In our day-to-day lives, we come across so many wrong uses of grammar that we start believing that the same are right.

It is not that only illiterate or semi-literate people make very common grammatical mistakes. It is also not true to say that faulty English is printed by ' cheap press' only. If you think so, take any leading English newspaper and read its second or third page, then you will realize what I want to say. Sentences such as He is living in Mumbai since five years...", " The incident occurred when she was returning back home...", etc. are very common. And we think that it is such a ' prestigious' newspaper, how can it make such a blunder? The fact is that ' prestigious ' newspapers and magazines also are full of such glaring mistakes. Therefore, as a student, it is your duty to go through some good grammar book such as Wren and Martin's before you think of any examination which requires proficiency in English language.Especially,some important topics such as 


(i)    Subject-verb Agreement,

(ii)   Tenses,

(iii)   Irregular Verb Forms,

(iv)   Prepositions, 

(v)    Idioms, 

(vi)   Direct-indirect Speech, 

(vii)  Active-Passive Voice, 

(viii) Pronouns, etc. 


Otherwise, you will make ' BIG ' blunders...

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